Local events during the summer

Every year entertainment local events start at the beginning of the tourist season, in late May, and are going on until the late October. These summer events include pop rock concerts, folklore evenings, theater plays and harmony-singing groups’ concerts.

These acapella groups, “klape” as we call them, are a very big part of Croatian folklore and we are happy to say that every year more and more young people cherish that tradition. Klapa Kaštadi was one of these groups and they had a promenade concert in Camping Škrila.

After Klapa Kaštadi the concert continued in the port of Stara Baška where the band Fortunal was playing all the biggest pop and rock hits! People were eating, dancing and the band played from 21:00 to 01:00 and everybody was just having a great time!


One of the biggest summer local events in Punat is the public festival “Fishermen’s nights” where you can taste traditional sea food and enjoy a music concert at night. The best way to follow upcoming events is through our Facebook page or website from Tourist office in Punat.

In Stara Baška we have a night of our own which is called “Krajanska noć”, because up until the end of 17th century Stara Baška was called Kraj. It is very similar to this event. It is all about food, drinks and fun! From homemade wine to our known lamb roast!

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