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A new tourist attraction – ‘Traveling Sculpture Park’ near Punat

The art of living with nature

If you are traveling through the island of Krk be sure to stop at the small place located between Punat and Krk. It’s called “The sculpture park” and it’s made by hands of friendly people from the Arteco Association. If you stop by to see their work, you will be welcomed and guided through the exhibition by one of them. Their moto is “The art of living with nature”, and their goal is to promote, develop and preserve cultural heritage.

The sculptures are made from old stumps, driftwood, grape vine wood and similar matter. Main two motives that they make are religious motives that come from Croatian National tradition in general and for those they use the biblical trees, that means olive trees and the grape vine wood. Second group of motives are horses because they represent the highest form of art and they symbolize the soul of an artist, which is freedom.

Arteco is formed by five brothers from Pavletić family from Slavonia. They all share the same love of art and nature. If you come to the park you will meet at least one of them while they are here on Krk, and their plan is to stay here until the end of September. One other thing worth mentioning is that the entrance to the park is free and after you see the exhibition, if you like it you can make a donation.


If you are still uncertain about going to the Traveling Sculpture Park, check out the video below. To see more of Arteco work visit their webpage or Facebook Profile.

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