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Stara Baska Apartments are hidden in a small bay on the Island of Krk, in the village of Stara Baška where time seems to run a little bit slower than usual. Life here is pretty simple, as life on the island often is. We can’t say we take credit for an ambience that surrounds us, it’s all Mother Nature but we sure do enjoy those gifts. Days are sunny and bright, clear blue sea spreads as far as your eyes can see and pleasant quiet nights guarantee a restful vacation. It’s time for you to go on your well-deserved holiday!

Stara Baska Apartments

Two spacious and tastefully decorated apartments named “Galun” and “Rosso” are a part of our house in the village of Stara Baška, located near the beach. The perfect accommodation for you, your friends and family!


Imagine that right as you wake up from a pleasant night rest, you step out on the spacious terrace to breathe in the fresh morning air and the first thing you see is a clear blue sea as far as your eyes can reach. In the distance bathing in the shimmering glance of the waves is a little Island called Galun. You can choose to fill your day with fun adventures and exciting things, or just do nothing and enjoy the sun and sea on one of many beaches along Stara Baska coast. After all, how beautiful is to do nothing and then rest afterwards. When the evening comes, and you’re enjoying a glass of wine with your special someone, the view is completely transformed by the sunset painting the horizon red while it sets into the sea. Nature provides a perfect soundtrack like chirping crickets with warm summer breeze and sound of waves from the nearby beach.


Apartment Rosso

Apartment Rosso

From 60 € per night

Apartment Rosso, or ”the Red” is located on the first floor of the house. It’s a lovely apartment with spacious terraces and rooms, newly equipped and comfortable. It is symbolized by the color red representing the beautiful sunset view. Enjoy little things in life that are really important, like spending[…]

Beach photos – Stara Baska

Nearest beach

Our apartments are located 150 meter from the nearest beach. The only way to a beach is by walking on a steep road.   There are beaches along the coast and they are connected by little paths, so you have a large selection to choose from. All of them are[…]

Apartment Galun

apartment Galun

From 60 € per night

Apartment Galun is located on the second floor of the house and it is named after the little Island visible in the horizon. The apartment is decorated with lots of fun blue details symbolizing the sea. It is spacious, newly equipped and comfortable. Just right for a perfect relaxing vacation.[…]

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